Louise helped me get unstuck and gain clarity about what I really want on my professional path. I felt safe and supported by her gentle and compassionate presence. She created space for me to explore my emotions and find my own answers that are fully aligned with my values and vision. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to work deeper than just on a cognitive level.


I’ve never really understood the difference between coaching and therapy, but my experience is that it felt like a whole year of therapy in one hour! Louise is extremely insightful and we were able to identify key issues very quickly. I was ready to put in the work to effect a lasting change but quite honestly it felt almost like magic as my attitude to particular problems started to shift after just one session. I found Louise to be both kind, and capable. A safe pair of hands. Lots of different skills for a tailored approach to suit my particular needs. I would not hesitate to recommend wholeheartedly.


Louise and I worked together during a time in my life when I was struggling to manage everything on my plate. I felt like I was falling short in every aspect of my professional, personal, and social life. I was not dealing with stress well, and everyone around me suffered. Louise helped me dive into the cause of my stress. I learned to let some of it go, and to cope with and appreciate the fact that some stress is inevitable. She gave me so many tools to try to help minimise the impact of that stress on me and the people around me. Louise was incredibly insightful into my struggles. She is so knowledgeable in this field and really listened to and understood me. She always had the right quote or piece of research to reinforce a point and help me see things from a different perspective. This type of coaching with Louise was just what I needed to get through this difficult time, and I am now so much better prepared to handle the ups and downs of life in the future.