Who is Louise Toft

About me

I am the toddler who never grew out of asking “Why?”
And when the adults got tired of my mithering, I’d watch.
Try and make sense of it all.
And ask more questions.

Hi I’m Louise. I’m fascinated by people and this thing called life.  

How come we think, act, react, feel like that? 

What makes us tick?

And beneath that face we present to the world, are we really happy?

How can we best deal with all the stuff life throws at us?

The only person who will never leave you is yourself. So let’s start with that relationship…


Over the 38 years in the personal growth field, researching, training, asking questions and listening to 1000’s of human beings, I’ve distilled the ‘secret sauce’ of helping people create true, meaningful, lasting change in their lives.

I am dedicated to helping you identify and release the stuff that gets in the way of you being your authentic, perfectly-imperfect, shiny, awesome selves.

I love to design personalised packages of support (because one size doesn’t fit all right?!) to find the difference that makes the difference, for you.

Then take a stand with you as you navigate those changes.

Sometimes I am your guide, other times your witness… or your teacher, mentor, confidant, cheerleader, healer, challenger, listener, accountability partner, fellow truth seeker. Always your: “I’m in your corner, I’ve got your back” fellow. 

I’m on a mission to create a kinder, more compassionate world…one heart at a time. 

Other passions include: a good cappuccino and warm cinnamon bun, the Cornish coast, doing physical theatre, greenness, Chandler-the-best-cat-in-the-world, and my dearest and biggest teachers (hubby and teenage daughter).

As an eternal student of Life and Truth, I’m also a bit of a training junkie (you’ll see a list of my favourites on the Qualifications page.)

So if any of this peaks your interest, if something is niggling inside, do get in touch. Email, IG, or DM me any questions/ comments or just to say hi.

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